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Tuesday 12th March 2019 2000UTC

Meeting Details:

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  • Page will be updated with summary notes from meeting.
  • Please see recording for full details.


Discussion items (In draft)

1WelcomeCathy Richardson
  • Attendees list

2Apologies/conflicts of interest
  • Apologies - nil
  • Declarations of interest - nil new

  • Minutes of meetings - no comments on last meeting

4Action listCathy Richardson
5Member Forum update
  • Report provided. No meeting since January. Please listen to recording for details.

6Quality InitiativeLesley MacNeil
7Review of administrative content
8Reporting on content
  • Brief update provided. Topic will be covered in more depth at the April meeting

9Provision of national input to assist with the Content Alignment with Standards and Terminologies reportMonica Harry
10Context values for action: prep for AprilCathy Richardson
11April meeting agendaGroup

13Any other businessALL
  • Next meeting April 2019 Business Meetings

Meeting Files

No files shared here yet.

Previous Meetings

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