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Tuesday 12th February 2019 2000UTC

Meeting Details:

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Cathy Richardson - attended



  • Page will be updated with summary notes from meeting.
  • Please see recording for full details.


Discussion items (In draft)

1WelcomeCathy Richardson
  • Attendees list

2Apologies/conflicts of interest
  • Apologies as noted
  • Declarations of interest -nil new declarations advised.

  • Minutes of meetings

4Action ListCathy Richardson
5Member Forum update
  • Report- see comments below.

6Quality InitiativeLesley MacNeil

7Review of Administrative Content
  • Discussed.
  • Several responses provided.
  • Extension on first round of review made any other's who wish to provide feedback
    • Due date Monday 18th February.
  • 2019 Administrative Content work

8NMO and “Other” ethnic non-mixed conceptsMonica Harry
  • Please see attached briefing note and recording for more information
    • Group advised of planned. Topic discussed.
      • Some countries do not use ethnic concepts for historical reasons.

9SNOMED content derived from ICD 9 and READ codes
  • SNOMED content derived from ICD 9 and READ codes
    • Presentation provided (see link above to access) and discussed by group.
    • Netherlands identifying a number of issues e.g. duplicates, questions on meaning but given numbers and SLA cap unable to submit given higher priority requests.
    • Netherlands looking to contact NRC's re the READ code and ICD9 concepts where meaning is unclear.
      • Sheree Hemingway offered to be a point of contact re READ codes.
      • Olivier Bodenreider - will provide a point of contact for the ICD9 concepts.
        • With ICD-9: looking at ICD-10 and ICD-11 is also a way to manage this.
    • Group discussed larger issue of reporting issues with content e.g. duplicates, errors. Reporting option desired by group members with recognition that these issues may need to sit on hold given other priorities such as the Quality Initiative work. With reporting, it would be preferred if there was an option to see if the issue had already been reported.

10April meetingGroup

11Any other businessALL

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Previous Meetings

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  1. Hi Cathy,

    I will not be able to join the call today, but I'd like to provide the group with some update from the MF held on Jan31.

    The briefing note on the "NMO and “Other” ethnic non-mixed (NMO)" was presented at the last Member Forum meeting, and I see that the briefing note that will be presented today has been partially modified to reflect some of the discussion we have had:

    • There was a common agreement that the concept that contains "other" in their descriptions should be inactivated
    • There was also many voices that requested that the other ethnical concepts (those that were not ambiguous) be kept in the international version, because it is most likely that this content, if inactivated at the core level, will need to be recreated in each NRC, which will duplicate efforts and additionnaly, will go against the interoperability purpose. 

    Another topic that was presented, and I don't see on today's agenda is the "BN Approach to Releasing Derivatives", presented by Jane Millar:

    The SI proposal is to update and publish once a year most of the subsets they published.

    Here are some of the comments provided at the MF:

    • Has SI envisaged to create Query refset for these subsets? So implementers that have adopted these subsets, can run their updates when core version is updated. The maintenance of subsets based on filters is way more effective and sustainable than a manual kind of maintenance.

    • Has SI envisaged that someone else than SI could maintain the subsets?

    • There will soon be a requirement for increasing the releases… even going to continuous publication or out of cycle releases only when there are changes. Should SI provide the subsets more as a service so MF can help themselves?


  2. Hi,

    I'd like to know if members of this AG would be interested to discuss the finalised proposed National Extension Drug Model for member countries at the April session?

    In Canada, we are interested in enhancing our Vaccine Model and we want to comply/use the International Guidelines, but we also want to make sure that all relevant components will be available to the countries that will want to extend from core. We'd also want to know where is the immunization focus in the Drug Project.

    Here is the referenced document: SNOMED CT Drug Model for supporting National Extension V1.0.pdf

    Here is the Confluence Reference Documentation - Drug Model Page, for additional information.

    Thank you!

  3. For questions about ICD9-CM, NLM recommends you contact Donna Pickett from the National Center for Heath Statistics (NCHS), part of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC).

    Donna Pickett, RHA, MPH

    Medical Systems Administrator Classifications & Public Health Data Standards Staff
    Office of the Director
    National Center for Health Statistics, CDC
    3311 Toledo Road
    Hyattsville, MD 20782-2002
    Phone: 301-458-4434