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Wednesday 17th October 2018 

Local time: 0900-1230

UTC: 1600 - 1930 

Location: Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver, BC Canada

Room: TBA

Meeting Details:

Information on using Zoom: Starting with ZOOM


Discussion items (In draft)

ItemDescriptionOwnerNotesF2F meeting notesAction
1WelcomeCathy Richardson
  • Introductions by Cathy Richardson
  • Meeting is being recorded (all CMAG meetings are)
  • Attendees list
  • New members
  • Introductions by Cathy Richardson

2Apologies/conflicts of interest
  • Apologies as noted
  • Declarations of interest- review by group members please.

ALL- please review the Declarations of interest and update the final column on the page.



No changes to previous meeting minutes.

Cathy introduced co-chair Monica Harry replacing Lesley MacNeil who is finishing 2 year term.

Question about meeting schedule - consensus keep monthly meetings and continue with 20:00 UTC every second Tuesday of the month.

4Action ListCathy Richardson


Member Forum update

Est: 10 mins

  • Report

Large agenda which included reports from the Advisory groups.

MF has been asked to participate in the strategic plan for the future.

Please refer to the meeting recording for full details.


Content & Mapping Update

Est: 30 - 45 min

  • Overview of Content & Mapping Scope and Achievements to date for 2018

Lesley presented the overview.

Question: Can we provide examples and explanation of the benefit to the end-user of the QI project.

Olivier suggested we can improve PR and offered to help.

Monica Harry will create a short BN type update on the project with examples of the benefits and outcome of the work effort. PR required. Refer back to this group for input.


Member pre-release processes 

Est: 10 mins

Elaine Wooler

EWO reported back about this discussion about the non-technical aspects of consuming releases of SNOMED.

PAM - Explained that there is a new project initiated by the EAG to craft a process to manage inactivations and design best practise for sharing this information in advance.


Acceptability of | Context values for actions (qualifier value) | concepts

Est: 10 mins

Paul AmosPAM: Discussion of feedback provided. Broad notion of consent - can this be defined regardless of jurisdiction.

Administrative content

Est: 10 mins

Paul Amos
  • Verbal update

Canada, UK and US volunteered to help with the sub-project looking at this area.


Non-conformance to editorial policy- reason for inactivation

Est: 10 mins

PAM stated that this is being reviewed by the EAG.

Healthcare organisation concepts

Est: 10 mins

Will be looked at as part of the sub-project on Administrative content, see Agenda item 9 hereon.

2018 work plan review

Est: 10 mins

AllCRI reviewed the workplan with the group and closed items as complete.

2019 work plan planning

Est: 15 mins

AllCRI reviewed the work plan and added the new items.
14Any other businessALL
  • Our three bullet points for closing plenary
  • Next meeting Tuesday 13th November 2000UTC

Meeting Files

No files shared here yet.


DateRequested actionRequester(s)Response required by:Comments
2 November 2018Update Declarations of Interest

Previous Meetings

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  1. Hi Cathy, Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the f2f in Vancouver. /Camilla

  2. I'm also not able to attend the f2f meeting. Maybe I'm dialing in (depending on time and availability)

  3. Hi Cathy - I will be attending this one on Sheree's behalf as she is away that week.  Sheree will then continue instead of me after that.

  4. Hi Cathy, I was all set to attend the f2f. But something has come up at the last minute, and I'm unable to travel now. I'll still dial in though (if lines available)

  5. Hi Cathy, As stated above I will not attend the meeting, but looking at the number of meetings not held in 2018 I think we should perhaps try to schedule a meeting every second month for the rest of the year and see how that works? If you have the time you could perhaps take this up under AOB? /Camilla

  6. Camilla Wiberg Danielsen I have added this to the agenda. I usually keep an eye on the monthly meeting agenda and then cancel when there is insufficient material. Regards, Cathy

  7. Cathy Richardson Thank you. Yes, I know that you cancel the meetings, and perhaps this is a fine way to do make sure the time is in the calendars. I just thought it could perhaps be discussed. /Camilla