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Tuesday 11th September 2018 2000UTC

Meeting Details:

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Discussion items (In draft)

  • Meeting recording:
    • Check recording is running.
    • Set to record in the cloud.
  • Attendees list


2Apologies/conflicts of interest
  • Apologies as noted
  • Conflicts
Some attendees Absent - No Conflicts notes
4Action List

No Actions - New Action Please provide feedback to Paul Amos on -information at below link

Proposed acceptability of Context values for actions

5Member Forum update
  • Confirmation of CMAG member(s) providing this report from October 2018 onwards.
  • Report:

Elaine to to follow-up with Liara w ith regards for any input needed for Allergies if not just need to make that clarification

6Quality Initative
  • Standing item

-Q - DK - access impact on translations - changes to FSN' etc -QI task allocation

  • LMA to send email back to CMAG on translation questions and impact of changes and possiible report on patterns
7O/E and C/O concepts
Still on RF1 although moving - would be a churn on about 2k concepts - Could we hold off unitl July 2019
8Review of Early VisibilityLesley MacNeilOverview given
9October business meetingLesley MacNeilCRI - please follow-up with email to CMAG withyour request

Member pre-release processes

Elaine Wooler

Elaine Wooler -Still in progress DK has submitted - will have better overview for Oct meeting

11Acceptability of | Context values for actions (qualifier value) | conceptsPaul Amos
  • Information to follow
2018-09-11 - CMAG Meeting
12Any other businessALL
  • Next meeting Wednesday 17th October 0900-1230 (Local time)
    • Face to Face in Vancouver

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  1. Apologies for missing this. I just saw this in my calendar.