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Tuesday 10th July 2018 2000UTC

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Linda Parisien


  • Page will be updated with summary notes from meeting.
  • Please see recording for full details.


Discussion items (In draft)

1WelcomeCathy Richardson
  • Attendees list

2Apologies/conflicts of interest
  • Apologies as noted
  • Conflicts

  • Minutes of meetings
  • Nomination process update

4Action ListCathy Richardson
5Member Forum update
  • Please listen to recording

6Quality Initative
  • Standing item
  • Links to be provided.
  • Work continues to progress in the expanded QI work in the Clinical Findings area with work being completed in several areas such as Has definitional manifestation, mental retardation and the remodel of Talipes Valgus. Substantial changes to the content continue to progress as well as seeing pattern 5 involving role group and crossovers decrease by over 400 (2100 to 1650).

7O/E and C/O concepts

8Member pre-release processes
9Any other businessALL

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