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10th, May 2016, 20:00 - 21:00 UTC


  • Ian Green, Olivier Bodenreider, Daniel Karlsson, Elaine Wooler, John Fountain, Linda Parisian, Suzy Roy, Toni Morrison, Rossana Occhiuzzi, Cathy Richardson, Camilla Wiberg Danielsen, Matt Cordell, Penni Hernandez


  • None


  • Agree process for the modification of extensions by extension owners

Note: The recording for this meeting was corrupted and unable to be repaired. It has not been uploaded.

Discussion items




2Apologies/conflicts of interestIGR  
3Extension modificationMatt Cordell / IGR
  • Discussion and agreement on recommendation for taking this item forward
  • Agreement on proposals
4Discussion of the plenary slide from the London meetingElaine , IGR, ALL
  • Agreement of improved ways of communication for the group
  • Agreement on proposals

Content feedback:

  • Microorganisms
  • July 2016 release
  • Update of the decisions made following the London meeting
  • Update on the forthcoming release
6London meeting follow-upIGR/ALL
  • Discussion
7Any other businessALL  

Meeting Files

  File Modified
PDF File ClarificationofExtensionModifcations-2.pdf 2016-May-03 by Ian Green
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation CMAG slide.pptx 2016-May-03 by Ian Green
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation BusinessMeeting_ContentAG_NameChanges_April_2016.pptx 2016-May-10 by Ian Green


Previous Meetings

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  1. Hi,

    For the topic: Microorganism Name changes, Canada is in favor of option #3 which was:

    ?Keep the current ConceptID
    ?Replace the FSN with the new name
    ?Add the older name as a synonym
  2. As I mentioned in London, if this is something we need to comment on and make a decision on I need a short paper describing the three proposals and some arguments for each to present to people who are experts in microorganisms. I am a terminologist and am not able to give any reasonable answers on clinical questions.

    Have I overseen this paper somewhere on Confluence? I can only see the ppt presented at the meeting.