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Date & Time

10:00 UTC on Tuesday 23rd February 2021


Please join via this Zoom meeting link.


Members: Andrea MacLean (Canada), Hải Phong Nguyễn (Vietnam), Nicholas McGraw (US), Maggie Lau (Hong Kong, China), Esa-Matti Tolppanen (Finland), Mikko Härkönen (Finland), user-3b381 (Vietnam?), Hyeoun-Ae Park (South Korea), Wong JingJing (Singapore), Ivy Li (Singapore), Dr Baophi (Vietnam), DIỆU MỸ

SI Staff and CSIRO: Linda BirdKai KewleyDonna MorganRory DavidsonKate EbrillKylynn LoiMichael LawleyJohn GrimesDion McMurtrieLiz Cooper-Williams, Mark Banks

Agenda and Meeting Notes

Welcome and introductions
Mapping Inputs
Mapping outputs
Collaborative workflow
Next steps

Next meeting - Tuesday 9th March at 10:00 UTC

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