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 at 16:00 UTC or 09:00 local time in Vancouver, Pacific Rim II

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International numbers available:

Discussion items

The normal two day TUAG Business Meeting has now been condensed into a single day, the other day is now the Managed Service Sub-Group Meeting which is being held on 15th October 18.

Please Note this agenda is draft and subject to change to incorporate any feedback from AG members.

Each meeting will include demo's and an opportunity for Q&A and any further discussions.

ItemDescriptionOwnerNotesAllocated Time (these are flexible)Action
1Wednesday 17th October at 16:00 UTC or 09:00 local time in Vancouver, (break 10:30 - 11:00) - Pacific Rim II
2Welcome & Introductions
10 minutes
3Authoring Platform DemoThis will cover the Authoring platform and will highlight changes and new features that have been added to the tool in the last six months.1h
4Reporting Platform DemoThis will cover a new tool currently in the early stages of development to give attendees early sight into this proposed enhancement to the Authoring Platform.20 minutes

5Break (10:30 - 11:00)
6Refset & Translation Tooling

Jesse Efron & Rick Wood from WCI will be at the meeting to provide a demo and to take people through some simple hands-on tutorials with a focus on translations.

If you do not have an account to access this tool, please contact us beforehand to make sure you can take part in the tutorial.


7Mapping Tooling

Jesse Efron & Rick Wood from WCI will be at the meeting to show new features recently implemented and to answer any questions.

15 minutes

Open Q&A Session


Open Q&A session for attendees and observers to ask questions / discuss tooling including a brief update on tooling activities going into 2019

30 minutes

9End Session at 12:30 local time