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 at 16:30 UTC or 09:30 local time in Vancouver, Oceanview 3

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Discussion items

This Sub Group is primarily for Managed Service Members, however other TUAG representatives and observers are welcome to attend.

This meeting is the first dedicated Managed Service Sub-Group meeting. The normal two day TUAG Business Meeting has now been condensed into one day (17th October).

Please Note this agenda is draft and subject to change to incorporate any feedback from AG members

Each meeting will include demo's and an opportunity for Q&A and any further discussions.

ItemDescriptionOwnerNotesAllocated Time (these are flexible)Action

 Monday 15th October at 16:30 UTC or 09:30 local time in Vancouver, Oceanview 3

2Welcome & Introductions
10 mins
3Managed Service UpdateA presentation on the Managed Service journey and latest updates.20 mins
4Translation Tooling

Discuss Translation Tooling Requirements:

  • Look at the possibility of linking the Translation tool with the Authoring platform so work done in the Translation tool is available to view in the Authoring platform without having to export/import.
  • Any other requirements
30 mins
5Break (10:30 - 11:00)
6Data Import/Export Formats

Agree a common Import/Export format for data

  • Translation Tooling - A common export template that should align with Authoring tool import. This will be the interim solution for any automated integration.
  • Authoring Platform - Agree a common template to be used for bulk importing new translations/descriptions into the tool. This should be done together with the above item to ensure import templates are compatible.
20 mins
7Authoring Reports

Discuss Reporting Requirements

  • Look at reporting functionality and types of reports Managed Service Members would like view from the Authoring tool
  • Ability to report/view tasks that have been promoted (MSSP-235)
30 mins
8Authoring Platform Functionality

To look at functionality available in the International version and whether this should be made available for the Managed Service

  • Volume Authoring
  • Description Logic

This session will include brief demos of the functionality to aid discussion.

1 hr
9Open Q&A SessionRory DavidsonOpen Q&A session for attendees and observers to ask questions or discuss any other business in relation to the Managed Service.10 mins
10End Session at 12:30 local time