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The agenda for our meeting Bratislava is available and be found here - 2017-10-17/18 - TUAG Business Meeting. We are meeting in two afternoon sessions, the first on the Tuesday and the second on the Wednesday.

If you are already preparing to travel, I also wanted to draw your attention to the Joint AG meeting which is taking place on the Monday morning after the business meeting has been 'opened. This is a session where all the advisory groups will be in one room to talk over a number of topics that could be of interest. I would recommend going to that session if you are able. The items currently up for discussion at the joint meeting are as follows:

  • Resolving discrepancies between inactivations in external editions vs the International Edition
  • "Negative Delta" file approach
  • Modularisation of SNOMED CT

And for those unable to be there in person and dialling in, conference call details for the joint meeting are -

Safe travels for those travelling and see you next week.

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