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 at 12:00 UTC 

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Discussion items

1Brief IHTSDO update  
2Sub groups & AG review update

Sub-group Proposals link and "1 year in" update before the NZ conference

Review updated ToR - Tooling User Advisory Group ToR 20160930 v1.docx


3NZ Conference Topics

Discussion on the topics for the NZ meeting:

  • Objectives for the AG in Wellington
Add any extra suggestions to the discussion, Agenda items for NZ October Meeting.


  1. During our business meeting in London, we discussed ”Tooling - The Future”. Are we going to follow up on that during our business meeting in Wellington or during another meeting?

    1. That will be one of the topics for the Wellington meeting. For me, this is a useful recurring topic in each face to face meeting.

  2. Why is there not an IHTSDO in front of MLDS in the ToR?

  3. Sorry Rory Davidson for late notification, I could not get a connection