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September 5th 2023

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Translation User Group's Personal Meeting Room - Zoom

Password: D5&7mj!2

Discussion items

1Presentation of experiences from using SNOMED Weblate for translating the IPS set into Danish
  • See video from 05:00

2 Jira issue SCTF-81: Log in - SNOMED International JIRA (


Louise Bie The problem is known in Denmark, and the NRC is addding the verbal noun "anleggelse" to anastomosis, so both are found in the Danish edition Maybe it would be better to use the metonym as a synonym?

Guillermo Reynoso In Spanish, anastomosis is used as a verb. Anastomosis belong to the construction subhierarchy, so it would also be possible with "Construction of X anastomosis"/" Constructon anastomosis of X". This is also the case of English. Today, in light of the naming conventions, the pattern of the verb and anastomisis would be better. The issue is more pervasive in the procedure hierarchy, for example "suture". Some are described using the action, some the intent, some the result, etc. More and more naming conventions are enforced in the finding and disordier hierarchy. We will probably face a lot of changes of FSNs in the procedure hiearchy in the future, and it will be interesenting to know what the Snomed International team will do when they start working on this hierarchy as a part of the Quality Initiative.

Frank Geier A similar problem with stoma and the creation of stoma (ileostomy, for example).

Ole: The Dutch edition has added the verbal noun. 

Guillermo Reynoso The issue is a consequence of not translating the FSN. You might have to add to be strict and add necessary information.

When terms are used across hiearchies, there is a risk that wrong concepts are chosen for value lists in hospitals, such as qualifieres, observable entities and findings.

Emma Hultén Is it a matter of people using SNOMED CT the wrong way? Can the translation solve this problem?

Louise Bie The translation should be precise, and when they are not precise in the international edtion, we should try to make them more precise. 

Camilla Wiberg Danielsen It is related to drug issue. What is a drug and what is a substance? It might not be the same in the international edition, so it is a danger. This is a even bigger problem than anastomosis. Is this something that a national edition can fix when the international can´t fix it?

Guillermo Reynoso The case of metonomy: This is a major issue with 10 000 to 12 000 cases in SNOMED CT, Example: Concentration of X vs. Measurement of concentration of X. We feel responsability not only of the translation but also the usability of the translation.

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