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June 27th 2023

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1 October 2023 Business Meeting in Atlanta: The TUG meeting will be held October 25th 13.30-17.00 (19.30- CET). We´ll probably not need the whole time slot.

2 As previous years, there will be no TUG meetings in July and August.

3 Welcome to Gudrun Augur Hardardottir from Iceland. The NRC will perform translations into Icelandic for certain subsets

2: Ole will cancel scheduled meetings and arrange for new meetings from September and onwards.

2 Updates om earlier Jira issue

 1 SCTF-71: The concept has been inactivated based on feedback from TUG. 

2 SCTF-68: Issue has been rejected by Snomed Int.

3 SCTF-74: Author now assigned after reminder.

4 SCTF-72: Discussion in Norway regarding Norwegian neologism "mpox">"m-kopper".

New Jira issue
  1. SCTF-80. See minutes in Jira.
Ole will submit CRS
4Description filters in ECL for translation purposes

Use case: find erroneous synonyms

In Norway, we suspected that «colon» was added as a synonym to some concepts expressing «large intestine». We identified some errors by using the ECL  <64572001 |Disease| {{ D term = ("kolon" "colon"), language = no }} : 363698007 |Finding site| = 14742008 |Structure of large intestine|

Louise Bie from Denmark has also explored the ECL function in Jira. The ECL  < 138875005 |SNOMED CT-begreb| {{ term = wild: "*esophagus*", language=en }} {{term != wild: "*øsofagus*", language=da}} was used to find all translations of "Esophagus" that does not contain "øsofagus".  In this way possibly erroneous translations can be found in order to review them.

The ECL shows that wild card is possible to use in descriptions filters, also negated wild cards. However, the ECL might need quite some time to process and provide results.

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