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SNOMED CT is the global clinical terminology, but in order for it to come into common use around the world and consequently launch the improvement in interoperability and healthcare, it benefits from being  translated into local languages.

Other than the English language primary release format of SNOMED CT (the SNOMED CT International release), only a Spanish translation is managed directly by SNOMED International. There are also a number of translations of SNOMED CT which are managed by Member territories. These have been created according to the SNOMED International translation principles and access to these translations can be retrieved through the relevant National Release Center.

  • Australia: SCT AU, National Extension including Australian English

  • Belgium: SCT BE, National Extension including Dutch and French translations

  • Canada: SCT CA, National Extension including English and French components


  • Denmark: SCT DK, National Extension including a full Danish translation

  • Estonia: SCT EE, National Extension including Estonian translation


  • Lithuania: SCT LI, National extension including a partial Lithuanian translation


  • Netherlands: SCT NL, National Extension including a Dutch translation

  • Norway: SCT NO, National extension including a partial Norwegian translation


  • Spain: SCT ES, National Extension including European Spanish


  • Sweden: SCT SE, National Extension including a full Swedish translation

  • United Kingdom: SCT UK, National Extension including UK English

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