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SNOMED CT Initial Translation package Alpha Release Notes - April 2017


SNOMED CT International release is published in US English, with an additional South American Spanish translation available. The initial translation sets are aimed at increasing the adoption of SNOMED CT globally and provides a set of 6,300 concepts in French, German, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. The aim of the translations are to provide access to clinicians and end-users to SNOMED CT descriptions (terms) in their own language. This approach will support the engagement of clinicians and clinical groups within the selected countries by allowing discussions based on the future format of SNOMED CT in EHR's within those countries.


The minimum core set (initial set) describes a set of terms identified as commonly used and high usage terms by existing SNOMED CT users. The set is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but rather to provide a defined list of common terms that will support new users of SNOMED CT. The approximate size of the minimum core set is approximately 6,500 concepts.


The initial translation sets are provided in SNOMED CT Refset format, and contain conceptId's and descriptions only. The sets are required to be implemented alongside the SNOMED CT release, with the refset providing the preferred terms for display within a system. The refsets cannot be implemented in isolation from a SNOMED CT release.

The refsets are provided with alignment to the latest SNOMED CT International Release.

Sources of content

To provide the content of the minimum core set, a number of sources have been identified. These are as follows:

▪       NLM top 2500 – 2,500 concepts

▪       Kaiser top 2500 – 2,500 concepts

▪       UK top 1000 terms used in Primary Care – 1,000 concepts

▪       IFP/GP subset – 4,346 concepts

NLM top 2500

Top 2500 problem list – created and maintained by the National Library of medicine (NLM). The list represents the top 2,500 diagnoses codes used in the United States

Kaiser top 2500

Top 2500 concepts used at Kaiser Permanente in the United States – created and maintained by the Kaiser Permanente (KP). The list includes SNOMED CT content created and maintained in the in the Kaiser Permanente SNOMED CT extension.

UK top 1000 terms used in Primary Care

Represent the top 1000 terms used in primary care in the UK. The usage figures represent the use of Read/SNOMED CT codes across multiple UK primary care system suppliers. The content includes mainly content created and maintained in the SNOMED CT UK extension.

IFP/GP (International Family Practice and General Practice) subset

Represents content used in primary care. The content originates from ICPC-2 (International Classification of primary care -2), maintained by the University of Sydney. The number of concepts is just under 4,500, and is reviewed on a release basis by the IFP/GP SIG.

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