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10:00 UTC Wednesday 30th March 2022


  • Finalize ECL v2.0 feedback

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ECL 2.0 Proposal

  • The approach agreed at last week's SLPG meeting, and supported by SNOMED International is as follows:
    1. To select and/or filter columns of a reference set, reference set field names will be used
    2. Field names will come directly from the international RF2 specification (, if the associated reference set type is defined there. In all other cases, the field names will either come from another specification (e.g. a national specification) or directly from the RF2 files themselves.
    3. The reference set type concepts in the international RFS, will always be a < 900000000000455006 |Reference set| that has a refset descriptor and has no ancestor with a refset descriptor.
      • Note: All other reference set concepts above the refset types are refset grouper concepts (which do not themselves have refset descriptors)
  • A computable representation of these international reference set patterns will be shared. Effective ways of distributing this computable representation can be discussed.
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Expression Constraint Language 2.0 WIP

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Agenda and Meeting Notes
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