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Termdescription typeLanguage/acceptabilityLanguage/acceptabilityCase significance
[Interpretation] [Observable] (finding)FSNus:Pgb:Pci
[Interpretation] [Observable]SYNus:Pgb:Pci

Concept model:

Definition status:  

900000000000073002 |Defined|

Applies To:

250171008 |Clinical history and observation findings (finding)|

Consider narrowing to:

<<870404000 |Excessive intake of carbohydrate (finding)| OR << 846619006 |Excessive intake of fat and oil (finding)| OR <<441931000124109 |Excessive mineral intake (finding)| OR <<441911000124103 |Excessive vitamin intake (finding)| OR <<870405004 |Inadequate intake of carbohydrate (finding)| OR <<441921000124106 |Inadequate mineral intake (finding)| OR << 441901000124101 |Inadequate vitamin intake (finding)|

Template language:

404684003 |Clinical finding (finding)|  : [[~1..1 @rolegroup]]{ [[~0..1]]  363714003 |Interprets (attribute)|  = [[+id(<<  364393001 |Nutritional observable (observable entity)|  ) @observable ]], [[~0..1]]  363713009 |Has interpretation (attribute)|  = [[ +id ( 71978007 |Inadequate (qualifier value)|  OR  260378005 |Excessive (qualifier value)| ) @interpretation]] }

Link to the misaligned concept report:


Rules for description generation: 

  1. Apply General rules for generating descriptions for templates;
  2. Apply Enhancements for the Template Language;

JIRA ticket:

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