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[Clinical course] allergic contact dermatitis of [body structure] caused by [substance or product] due to [event or finding] after [procedure] (disorder)


[Clinical course] allergic contact dermatitis of [body structure] caused by [substance or product] due to [event or finding] after [procedure]


Concept model:

Definition status:  

900000000000073002 |Defined (core metadata concept)|

Applies to

238575004 |Allergic contact dermatitis (disorder)|

Template language:

426760008 |Delayed hypersensitivity disorder (disorder)| : [[~0..1]] { [[~0..1]]  263502005 |Clinical course (attribute)|  = [[ +id (<  288524001 |Courses (qualifier value)|  ) @course]] }, [[~0..1]] { [[~0..1]]  255234002 |After (attribute)|  = [[ +id (<<  71388002 |Procedure (procedure)| ) @procedure]] }, [[~0..1]] { [[~0..1]]  42752001 |Due to (attribute)|  = [[ +id (<  272379006 |Event (event)|  OR <  404684003 |Clinical finding (finding)| ) @event]] }, [[~1..1 @rolegroup]] { [[~1..1]]  116676008 |Associated morphology (attribute)|  =  409774005 |Inflammatory morphology (morphologic abnormality)| , [[~1..1]]  363698007 |Finding site (attribute)|  = [[ +id(<<  39937001 |Skin structure (body structure)| )]], [[~1..1]]  370135005 |Pathological process (attribute)|  = [[ +id (<<  771519007 |Non-immunoglobulin E-mediated allergic contact hypersensitivity process (qualifier value)| ) @proc]], [[~0..1]]  246075003 |Causative agent (attribute)|  = [[ +id (<<  105590001 |Substance (substance)|  OR <<  373873005 |Pharmaceutical / biologic product (product)| ) @agent]] }

Rules for description generation: 

  1. Apply General rules for generating descriptions for templates;
  2. Apply Enhancements for the Template Language;

JIRA ticket for implementation:


  1. Yongsheng Gao

    I need to update this template based on suggestions made in today's internal call. Do I need to make a copy of this page? Or can I make changes directly here, as it still says "for implementation"? The associated INFRA ticket says "closed", but I checked and I can't see this in authoring tool or reporting platform



  2. Hi Yongsheng Gao

    As discussed in INFRA-2549 - Getting issue details... STATUS  comments, I updated this template in alignment with changes made to contact dermatitis template (Re: Contact dermatitis of [body structure] caused by [substance or product] (disorder) v3 - Ready for review) and it is now ready for review. 



  3. Hi Yongsheng Gao

    As discussed I updated the template (including the template language) to include clinical finding as an acceptable value for range of "Due to" attribute.



  4. Hi Farzaneh Ashrafi, should pathological process = << 771519007 |Non-immunoglobulin E-mediated allergic contact hypersensitivity process (qualifier value)|?  The causative agent needs to include 78621006|Physical force (physical force)| to cover the UV light etc.

  5. Hi Yongsheng Gao

    Thanks for the review. You are absolutely correct about the pathological process (I think it should have been a copy and paste error). I have changed it accordingly.

    As for the causative agent = physical force, we said in the internal meeting with Jim and Bruce a while back that the causative agent for contact dermatitis is always a substance (or a product containing the substance) and that we should use "due to" to model contact dermatitis due to contact or exposure to physical force, physical object, or organism. Please see details here, specifically slides 8 and 9:

    Let me know if we need to change the decision.

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Farzaneh Ashrafi, The concepts 22649008 |Photodermatitis (disorder)| and up to 419026008|Effect of exposure to physical force (finding)| are currently modelled by the causative agent as physical force, e.g. light. The concept 111209006 |Photoallergic dermatitis (disorder)| is a subconcept of |Photodermatitis| and has to be modelled by physical foce in order to be subsumed. If we model them by due to exposure, I am not sure how many new exposure events will be needed to support modeling of 667 concepts under 419026008|Effect of exposure to physical force (finding)|. Not all conditions under |Effect of exposure to physical foce| need to be modelled by causative agent. We will need to review and decide when to apply the causitive agent = substance and the impact on the expected subsumptions.

      1. Hi Yongsheng Gao

        As discussed while looking at  GC-762 - Getting issue details... STATUS , we do not need to add the causative agent  = physical force at this time. Do you agree?



        1. Hi Farzaneh Ashrafi, we agreed on the modelling approach to use 'due to = exposure to physical force events' rather than two role groups. The issue is about the size of changes to implement the model. I do not have any issues with leaving them as they are (modelled by the causative agent of physical force without additional role group). This would be an exception of the template. So, you can complete this QI task.

          Then, the work can be planned to remodel 667 concepts under 419026008|Effect of exposure to physical force (finding)| as a separate QI task. Let's see Monica Harry and Jim Case decision on the scope and plan.

          1. Yongsheng Gao

            Please see update on  GC-762 - Getting issue details... STATUS , which is in line with what you suggested above.



          2. I would agree that we address the immediate needs and then add the remodeling of  this subhierarchy as part of the QI project, following the QI process (IPs, Template, misaligned, normalization)

            1. I agree that we need to plan for the larger piece of work to be completed at a later date.