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[Pathologic fracture morphology] of [bone structure] co-occurrent and due to [Disease] (disorder)FSNus:Pgb:Pci
[Pathologic fracture morphology] of [bone structure] due to [Disease]SYNus:Pgb:Pci

Concept model:

Definition status:  

900000000000073002 |Defined (core metadata concept)|  

Applies To:

(<<64859006 |Osteoporosis|  OR <<50279003 |Metabolic bone disease|) AND << 268029009|Pathological fracture|:42752001 |Due to| = (<<64859006 |Osteoporosis| OR <<50279003 |Metabolic bone disease|)

Rules for description generation:

  1. Remove the semantic tag, e.g. (body structure)
  2. Remove 'Structure of' from [body structure] if term starts with 'Structure of'   e.g. 709530002|Structure of phalanx of hand (body structure)|
  3. Remove 'structure' from [body structure] if term contains 'structure', e.g. 69536005|Head structure (body structure)|   24097009|Bone structure of hand (body structure)|

JIRA ticket:

QI-54 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. The "Applies To" ECL should be updated to the following:

    (<<64859006 |Osteoporosis (disorder)|) OR (<<50279003 |Metabolic bone disease (disorder)| AND << 268029009|Pathological fracture (disorder)|: 42752001 |Due to (attribute)| = (<<64859006 |Osteoporosis (disorder)| OR <<50279003 |Metabolic bone disease (disorder)|))

  2. Hi Michael Chu, thanks for the feedback. The previous applied domain has syntax errors because brackets are tangled for both queries and semantic tags. I have removed the semantic tags. You can see the correct domain for this template now.  Cheers, Yong