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This is a release picking up some bugs identified by users and adding some requested new functionality.

New Feature

  • [CRS-503] - Bulk status change from dashboard of CRS
  • [CRS-534] - Module identifier changes
  • [CRS-545] - MS Request forwarding
  • [CRS-555] - Please add new drop down field


  • [CRS-166] - Tracking of Collaboration Agreement type Requests
  • [CRS-469] - new column for "last modified by"
  • [CRS-474] - Search function needed
  • [CRS-517] - New 'status' required
  • [CRS-527] - Check if concept has correct partition identifier
  • [CRS-535] - Configurable site title


  • [CRS-456] - Submitting New Description request leads to Server runtime error
  • [CRS-480] - Field for adding comments when seeking clarification is not big enough
  • [CRS-516] - Incorrect default case sensitivity in batch import for additional synonyms
  • [CRS-532] - Add name to drop down


Release Date




Deployment Ticket

INFRA-1864 - Getting issue details... STATUS