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Local code

Local extension code - optional


What category the request falls under - required


Usually the FSN that is the subject of the request - required



It is very important to incorporate a clear justification for any change request for the International Edition of SNOMED CT. For example “Used as a member of a value set in support of the provider occupation field.” This level of detail will assist the Content Team in understanding the nature and context of the requirement. The justification will also aid in assessing the risks and benefits that are associated with making the change. Please remember that change requests that are country specific are not suitable for the International Edition. This type of change request will not be accepted. Please note that Justification is a mandatory field when making a submission. Copy and paste of generic text such as “gap in terminology” does not supply adequate justification for a change and may result in further clarification (which will delay the inclusion of the request) or a status change to “Not accepted.”

Semantic Tag

It is important to consider where the requested concept will sit within the SNOMED CT hierarchy. The requester must take into account the nature of their requirement along with how it will be implemented in clinical systems. When making a request for a new concept the desired semantic tag for the new addition is required as part of the submission. This will assist the Content Team in understanding the nature of the requirement and also help in ensuring that the original requirements are met. The requester should verify that the requested semantic tag aligns with the requested parent term. For example a request for a new concept in the finding hierarchy must be a descendant of the concept 404684003|Clinical finding (finding). Further information about the semantic tag can be found in the Editorial Guide (Section 7.1.1 Fully Specified Name).



Submissions for a change to the International Edition of SNOMED CT should be supported by at least one reference. The reference can be added to the justification field in the request template. Please remember that requests for change need to be of international relevance and not confined to one member country. The supporting information submitted with the request is required to be recent and from an authoritative source such as a scientific or professional journal, OMIM, PubMed, Orphanet or a professional society. References to Wikipedia are not sufficient. Literature intended for patient education purposes should not be used in support of a request; it frequently includes generalizations that are not always true but may be true in the context of the topic being addressed.


Any additional comments desired to be made about the request


When submitted with a request, the extension concept ID will be retained when the concept is added to the International edition of SNOMED CT. Where retention of the extension concept ID is not required the concept ID must NOT be submitted with the request.


Where a new concept is being requested, a text definition that identifies the exact nature of the request must be included. This is especially important where the request is for an obscure disease or a new procedure or is unusual in its nature. Please note that restating the requested descriptions is not considered to be sufficient as a definition.

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