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A written intent to respond to this RFP must be emailed to Rory Davidson at the following email address with CC to Lesley MacNeil at email address by 2 business days after RFP is issued. After all vendors have responded with their intent there will be a 1 hr. Q&A for all vendors. A virtual meeting space will be arranged with the details to be published at a later date. Once the Q&A has concluded vendors will have 2 business weeks to respond. Submission and Notification timelines will be announced at that time. Any further queries are to be made to with cc to There will not be a short list announcement.
The format of response must include section reference to original RFP and be documented in one copy in Word format and one copy in PDF format. There is no limit to the number of pages for the response but it may not include information not directly related to a section within the RFP.
Deviations from the RFP will be accepted however they must be specifically identified as such within the RFP response.
There is no requirement for an IHTSDO confidentiality statement or a Non Disclosure Statement for the response to the RFP however they may be a requirement on award of the RFP; this may also include personal information privacy regulations that would be required in any professional due diligence work.
Agreement to sign the IHTSDO Master Agreement Contract will be part of the condition of the acceptance of the RFP award.
Please provide the following information in the response:

  • Vendor background.
  • Details of the product/service that meets the requirements.
  • Product/service details and how they meet the requirements stated above by completing the compliance matrix included with this document.
  • Any demonstration of existing tooling to explain responses and any reference site details for IHTSDO to contact, if applicable.
  • Maintenance and support details, options, service levels available if you have a product that meets the requirements.
  • Implementation assistance and system training.
  • Outline costs of software systems, including any development costs necessary, hosting options (where applicable), implementation, training, annual maintenance and support.
  • Outline time scales for development/customization, implementation and deployment, considering that a solution must be completed by the end of 2015.

RFP Evaluation

  • Response to RFP sections completed.
  •   Solution diagrams.
  •   Adherence to deadlines.
  •   Reference details (1 must be provided of similar solution). Any alternative solutions they may be able to offer which may provide better value for money.
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