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The current solution for Authoring Content changes is no longer functionality feasible for continued use. A new Authoring tool is in the development stages to which the new Content Request solution must integrate.
SIRS, the current IHTSDO request submission mechanism was migrated from the one used by the College of American Pathologists previously. Due to the change in the ownership of SNOMED CT and the consequent new ways of working, additional functionality is required over and above that which the current tool can offer. In addition a new Authoring Tool is in the development process, which in turn will no longer be integrated with Workbench, the new Content Request System must be fully integrated with the new Authoring Tool.
This integration will provide a single view into all the aspects of task requests made to the Authoring team and will enable swifter response and organization of requests in order to fulfill member requirements of content change requirements.
The project will conclude by December 2015 with complete integration with the new Authoring Tool.

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