In order to facilitate efficient mapping and assist workflow, a bulk edit feature has been provided.

Within a task, the bulk edit feature allows users to bulk change all rows or a selection of rows.

A user can

  • Change relationship types
  • Change mapping status
  • Mark all as "No map"
  • Remove all "No map"
  • Clear targets

The bulk edit feature only allows one operation at a time, and can only enact changes on rows that have a valid starting point to allow that change when following a normal mapping process.


  • Within an author task, a user is not able to change any status to APPROVED or IN REVIEW as these belong to review tasks only
  • Within an author task, if the starting status is UNMAPPED (and so has no target assigned), then the bulk change will not be able to change the status to MAPPED
  • Within a review task, a user is not able to change any status to MAPPED as these belong to author tasks only

NOTE: It is intended that the bulk edit function is used only within a task, however there is a bulk edit function available to Owners from the map view to allow Owners to manage workflow.

The bulk edit function in the map view will adhere to the normal rules for changing status. This means the Owner must complete a sequence of bulk actions in line with the status change rules.

For example, to clear all the content of a to  a row containing a target code cannot be changed to UNMAPPED, a status of DRAFT cannot be changed to ACCEPTED

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