Once a new map has been mapped, users of the map can then create a Review task to begin reviewing the map.

Users need to have the appropriate role to create tasks. Alternatively, tasks can be created by owners of the map and assign them to other users

Please note that within a Review task, only those rows with a status of 'Mapped', 'In review', 'Accepted' and 'Rejected' may be edited. To restrict the map view to only these rows, please apply a filter to the Status field with the required status values.

To review map rows:

1. Open the map to be reviewed

2. Create a task containing the rows required to be reviewed.

3. Open task and begin reviewing.

Reviewing can be done

  • in the table view of the map by changing the status
  • in the detailed view by clicking the status buttons

Please note: Map rows need to be have an appropriate status to be able to be reviewed even when assigned to a review task

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