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© 2020 International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation.  All rights reserved.  SNOMED CT® was originally created by the College of American Pathologists.

This document forms part of the SNOMED International Global Patient Set (GPS) release, distributed by International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation, trading as SNOMED International, and is subject the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License,

Any modification of this document (including without limitation the removal or modification of this notice) is prohibited without the express written permission of SNOMED International.

Any copy of this document that is not obtained directly from SNOMED International is not controlled by SNOMED International, and may have been modified and may be out of date. Any recipient of this document who has received it by other means is encouraged to obtain a copy directly from SNOMED International at SNOMED International Global Patient Set (GPS) package Implementation Guide - September 2019.

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1 Introduction

SNOMED International has introduced the Global Patient Set (GPS) to support the sharing of patient health information coded with SNOMED CT without the need for a SNOMED International license. 

The GPS is a managed list of existing SNOMED CT unique concept identifiers and their associated descriptions and will be available to all interested parties at no cost to users. The GPS supports health information interoperability across care settings, systems, organizations and national borders.  

2 Implementation

The SNOMED International GPS Implementation Guide provides information on downloading the GPS and considerations for its use.  A PDF version of the SNOMED International GPS Implementation Guide is included in the GPS release package - however to ensure that the latest version can be accessed, it's also available online:

3 Release content

3.1 Frequency of Release

The GPS package contains the content of a number of SNOMED CT reference sets to support a variety of general purposes.  It will be published annually.

3.2 Changes to the July 2019 release GP/FP subset

Changes to the GPS will reflect updates to the underlying terminology, including concept inactivations and additions.  For this reason, details of changes made to this release can be found in the Release Notes for the underlying SNOMED CT reference sets that are used to compile the GPS.

3.3 Technical Notes

The GPS is released in TSV (Tab Separated Values) file format, with the following naming convention:

  • SnomedINTL_GPSRelease_PRODUCTION_[date and time stamp].zip

4 Obtaining the GPS package

The GPS is downloadable from the following page on the SNOMED International website:

If you would like to obtain the full version of SNOMED CT through membership or an affiliate license, please visit


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