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© 2024 International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation.  All rights reserved.  SNOMED CT® was originally created by the College of American Pathologists.

This document forms part of the International Edition release of SNOMED CT® distributed by International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation, trading as SNOMED International, and is subject to the SNOMED CT® Affiliate License, details of which may be found at

No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in any kind of retrieval system, except by an Affiliate of SNOMED International in accordance with the SNOMED CT® Affiliate License. Any modification of this document (including without limitation the removal or modification of this notice) is prohibited without the express written permission of SNOMED International.

Any copy of this document that is not obtained directly from SNOMED International [or a Member of SNOMED International] is not controlled by SNOMED International, and may have been modified and may be out of date. Any recipient of this document who has received it by other means is encouraged to obtain a copy directly from SNOMED International [or a Member of SNOMED International. Details of the Members of SNOMED International may be found at].

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1  Introduction

1.1  Background

This document is to provide visibility to the Members of relevant feedback received during the Beta Release period, and any actions taken as a result of this feedback.  

1.2  Purpose

This document provides information related to differences between the files distributed as part of the July 2021 Beta Release of the SNOMED CT International edition, and the Members’ distribution of the July 2021 SNOMED CT International edition. 

Please contact SNOMED International at with any questions related to the contents of this document.

1.3  Scope

This document relates exclusively to the July 2021 International Edition, and not any prior Releases.

1.4  Audience

This document is intended for use by SNOMED International Member National Release Centres only, and should not be distributed to Affiliate licensees without permission from SNOMED International.

2  Notes for the July 2021 Member Release

2.1  Summary

The feedback about the SNOMED CT International Beta Release that was received during the Beta period, was used to update the International edition release package ready for the Member release.

There was some feedback provided that, for a variety of reasons, didn’t result in changes to this Release version, but instead will be resolved as part of the next editing cycle, ready for publication in future releases.  Details of these “Known Issues” can be found in section 3.1 of the Release Notes that are published alongside the July 2021 International edition Member release package.

The feedback that resulted in changes being made to the Member Release package for the July 2021 International edition are detailed below in section 2.2.

SNOMED International thanks Members who contributed feedback.

NOTICE of changes to Member release

In order to include important COVID-19 Vaccines content in the July 2021 International Edition, that was not available until later in the Release cycle, SNOMED International introduced planned changes to the original content of the Beta Release.

This means that the Member Release (published on 30th Jun 2021) contains planned differences to the original Beta Release content - the current scope is circa. 40 vaccine-related component changes.  Anyone interested in these changes should therefore ensure that they download the Member release even if they've already validated the BETA release.

2.2  Items Reported in the Beta feedback stage, that were resolved for the Member Release

The following items were resolved in the July 2021 International Member Release package, between the publication of the Beta Release and Member Release(s):

Key Summary Description Resolved


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Monica Harry

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Andrew Atkinson

First draft for review and comment

1.020210628Andrew AtkinsonUpdated with all final changes to the Member release package

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