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The IHTSDO needs a single strategy across the organization on the suite of services that will be provided as a platform for the organization and for Members and the wider community.
The Open Tooling Framework (OTF) has been introduced as a framework for the future of IHTSDO tooling. The OTF covers the following two key integrated business services:

Terminology Services represent the services as a whole which cover the full lifecycle of the terminology from initial content requirement through to the release and distribution of the terminology. This is also the scope of what any organization would need to be able to manage the terminology.
Terminology Services cover terminology interaction, release, refset management, distribution, licensing, and new content requests. They also provide the necessary solutions to enable the authoring and updating of the content of the IHTSDO products. These services include the authoring, mapping, translation of the terminology and the documentation surrounding it.

Business Management Services represent those service which are focused on the operational aspects of the organization and the business services which are needed to support the IHTSDO products and the involvement of the IHTSDO direct stakeholders and wider community. Key areas cover community services to enable the community to interact with the organization and themselves; communication services focus on how the IHTSDO gets information about the organization and its products to the external world; and management services which cover running the organization.

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