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After in the Member Survey carried out towards the end of 2013, the IHTSDO tooling was one of the areas where Member satisfaction was low, and it was felt that the tooling currently available through the IHTSDO does not meet Member needs. There are a number of historical reasons for some of this, especially around Workbench which have already been well documented and discussed in the Architectural Review from May 2012.
The current set of IHTSDO tools have been conceived, developed and maintained in silos, without a holistic view across the whole organization, the Members and the wider community. In order to address this, a tooling strategy is essential to provide a view of the current estate, and the future state of IHTSDO Tooling. This document is the first iteration of this tooling strategy, covering:

  • the existing estate,
  • the future state, and
  • the roadmap and timescales to get from existing to future.

There are many more requirements across IHTSDO tooling that are not covered in this strategy, mainly around providing guidance internally and supporting internal IT processes, that will be covered in other documentation at the relevant time.

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