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All IHTSDO software is developed and made available under an Apache v2 open source license and can be found among the IHTSDO repositories available on GitHub.

From time to time, various frameworks have been used during development, and whilst every attempt is made to ensure that there is no proprietary code included, some code is used that may be available under different open source licenses. The table below lists major frameworks or code that is used in different IHTSDO software and the license under which they are made available.

Framework / CodeLicenseLicense/IP OwnerIHTSDO Service/Code
Angular.jsMIT LicenseGoogle

Mapping Service


jHipsterApache v2 MLDS
SpringApache v2 



EmberMIT LicenseNo specific ownerRefset Management Tool
jqueryMIT License everything?
Stormpath sdkApache v2StormpathUser admin
junitEclipse Public Licence V1JunitUser admin
jacksonApache v2 User admin
apache commonsApache V2ApacheUser admin
HibernateGNU Lesser General Public License MLDS


More detail on the services can be seen on the following pages:



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