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Please review the xls which lists these requests and consider in particular semantic equivalence and clinical relevance. This is part of the ongoing collaborative work effort between SNOMED and ICN there are several requests for new concept additions to SNOMED.

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Hi all,   To be clear, please review those in column E marked as " no mapping". Very much appreciate any input.    thanks, Monica    
Changes to SIG's
Added by Ian Green on Mar 17, 2017

Dear all, SNOMED International has in the past engaged with clinical groups through the use of Special interest Groups (SIG’s). Currently we have six clinical SIG’s and 2 functional SIG’s. Whilst this has proven effective in the past, it is also an approach that is not saleable. There are a number of issues relating to why this is the case that are detailed in the presentation - The future of SIGs v1.1, available in documents The changes to the way in which we engage with clinicians in the future has been discussed and agreed with both the Management Board and Healthcare Professional Coordination group (HCPG). The overall approach is agreed, but there maybe minor changes in the way we implement these changes following discussions with yourselves. Fundamentally, the exisiting SIG’s and future clinical groups will adopt an approach of using virtual groups to allow discussion, identification of work priorities and dissemination of documentation. Each group will have its own site on Confluence, which will be able to be accessed through a clinical portal. The sites will be open for anyone to view. however, to partake in the discussion will require a log-in. The timetable for change is to adopt the new approach from April 2017, when the Confluence sites and clinical portal will be available. If you have any worries or concerns with regards to the changes, or you have suggestions regarding the way they will be implemented, please contact myself ( Ian Green Clinical Engagement and Eductaion Business Manager

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Questions about implementing SNOMED as the default terminology for a Nursing EHR system of a mid-size private hospital in Argentina

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Hi Cecilia, The IHTSDO currently has a collaboration agreement in place with the International Council of Nursing (ICN). As part of this agreement the IHTSDO and ICN have been developing linkage tables between SNOMED CT and ICNP (International Classification of Nursing Practice). The linkage provided is in the form of two tables - diagnosis and interventions. As a starting point this would allow you to identify some of the terms you require, as the classification work has already been completed. The files are part of the International Release of SNOMED CT, and can be accessed as such. As you are in Argentina, you will need a license to access the files, as Argentina is not currently a member of the IHTSDO. Details of the licensing can be found at Request for a license should be done through Member Licensing & Distribution Service (MLDS)   For further information regarding SNOMED CT or the IHTSDO itself, please requests assistance through the IHTSDO helpdesk at Kind regards, Ian Green Clinical Engagement and Education Business Manager

Reviewing the ICN content - see 2016-07-19  NursingSig meeting notes for more information provided by jmillar

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To the participants of the Nursing SIG, The Dutch Nurses' Association has, in cooperation with Nictiz (national release center of SNOMED CT) developed a Dutch nursing subset of patient problems. The actual list can be found under the section 'Meetings' (2016-07-19): Also a document has been uploaded (under 'documents') in which more background information about the development of the Dutch nursing subset of patient problems and methods used: I hope you find time and attention to review our subset: 1. Is the Dutch nursing subset sufficiently comprehensive for electronic recording? 2. Are the terms of each patient problem unambiguous and understandable? 3. Are the terms professionally acceptable for nursing practice? The 19th of July we will discuss the nursing subset and your comments and feedback in the Nursing SIG meeting. Thank you very much in advance! Best regards, Renate Kieft

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Indeed most are intensional, with a few exceptions.  At present we use an internally produced tool called the Data Migration Work Bench which includes our legacy terminologies and the classifications and maps between. jrogers has presented this at several IHTSDO events so you may have seen it, it can be downloaded at but I am not sure if it has been used with other extensions than the UK Some of the features have been included in the international tool which I am sure you know is available at  At present this only has the international version of SNOMED CT available but rdavidson has indicated that this is likely to change in the future.

Please will members add the relevant subjects and definitions together with any examples

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Nursing diagnosis/problem

Following on from Judy's presentation on Nursing Terminologies this thread will allow us to keep track of developments

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Disappointing results on exact matches in SNOMED CT from the "gaps" however I suspect some simple strategies to make more SNOMED CT friendly would help enormously 225333008  Behaviour management (regime/therapy)   9438501000001104  Comfort (qualifier value)   721491000000103  Growth (qualifier value)   302497006  Haemodialysis (procedure)   107724000  Patient transfer (procedure)   225219005  Verbal communication interventions (regime/therapy)   721181000000107  Violence (qualifier value)  

Thank you to Ismat for the questions raised at the SIG. I encourage Ismat to add her questions into this thread for wider discussion

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Contsys: System of concepts to support continuity of care EN ISO 13940:2015 -- System of concepts to support continuity of care was published last week This will be really helpful to guide the integration of health and social care records and information flows to support care.

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