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Welcome to the Nutrition Care Process Terminology Clinical Project Group space

This project group has been established to undertake the following:
  • Quality assurance of promoted NCPT related terms from US extension (685 concepts)
  • Review and confirm remaining NCPT content for addition to the SNOMED CT International release (approx. 1000 concepts)
  • Prepare and model 100 concepts for initial pilot for addition to the SNOMED CT International Release
  • Review the outcomes of the initial pilot to inform next steps
  • Prepare and model the remaining content for addition to the SNOMED CT International Release
  • Agree on updating process and maintenance plans, in line with NCPT developments

Project times scales:

  • To be confirmed based on a detailed project plan agreed with SNOMED international

Meeting Schedule

There will be a regular call on the 3rd Monday of each month at 19:00 UTC.

Conference call details are the same each call.

The link to join is always:

Meeting ID: 255 426 1371

Please note there will not be an October 2019 meeting.

We will resume our normal meeting schedule in November (November 18th, 2019).

Project scope

NCPT terminology for international usage to be included in SNOMED CT International Release

Group Membership

For details of group members click here

Conference call facilities

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  1. Apologies for my 'late' attendance today I had taken the time from this page 'starting April 16 - at 2000 UTC' although I have now seen alternative times elsewhere.  

  2. Just to confirm that there will be no meeting of this group today, 21 May. The next meeting will be confirmed

  3. Hello, all. 

    I would like to let you know that the mtg on June 18 will not take place.

    We should regroup next on July 16th, 19:00 UTC by which time we will have received feedback/reaction 

    on the nutrition findings modeling document, and the revised workplan. 

    Stay tuned, and please take some time to look and comment on these documents (you can find a separate discussion thread for each document in discussions). 

  4. HI

    Please could you confirm whether there is a call on 17 December because it has been removed from my diary


    1. Yes, we are having our mtg on Dec 17th, thank you!