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Members, please access the linked FAQ for more information on populating the Member Country Collaboration table. Please contact for additional assistance. 

Edition Content Developed

Subset Domains

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Published monthly

  • Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) drug extension (138,000 concepts), including machine-readable strengths and pack sizes.
  • 3,300 SNOMED CT extension concepts

Published by National Clinical Terminology Service.

Australia specific language preference

Introduction of additional synonyms for consistency in search behaviour and user experience.

Over 100 RF2 reference sets of varying specificity published in a detailed directory or simple listing

Hosting of third party developed reference sets covering:

  • Surgical procedures
  • Pathology Requesting
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Medications management

Additional FHIR value sets,  FHIR code systems and FHIR concept maps also published.

A range of prerecorded presentations, documents and specifications targeting clinical users and software developers. Available at

On-site and specific training provided as required.

Tools and services to support  RF2 and FHIR

*Developed by the CSIRO Australian eHealth Research Centre (AEHRC).

Bi-annual release of SNOMED CT BE Extension in March and September.

Translation of SNOMED CT Preferred terms in French and Dutch.

SNOMED CT Fully Specified Names and Synonyms are not translated.

Synonyms can be added in Dutch and French.

  • SNOMED CT introductions in French and Dutch on demand
  • On-demand need-based trainings for hospitals and vendors
  • Links to Snomed International educational resources
  • General information translated in Dutch and French
  • SNOMED International Managed Service Tooling
  • Member Licensing and Distribution Service
  • Refset Management Tooling
  • SNOMED International Online Browser

Canadian Edition (English and French)

CA Edition in SNOMED International Browser

Released on March 31 and September 30 each year

>77,000 concepts translated in French



Includes French extension, English extension, Reference sets extension

Link to the Subsets

  • Immunization

  • Primary Health Care

  • Communicable Disease

  • ePrescribe

Education materials

Standards Webinar Series

TermWorks for mapping local content to SNOMED CT

Terminology Service API

FHIR Terminology Service API

Terminology Gateway

Infoway Request Management System (InfoRMS)

Danish Edition at SNOMED International Member Licensing and Distribution Service

DK Edition SNOMED International Browser

Released March 31 and September 30

SNOMED CT was translated 2004-2010.

Since 2010 translation is only performed in areas where SNOMED CT is taken into use in Denmark.

Preferred terms are translated into Danish.

There are no Danish Fully Specified Names.

Synonyms are not translated, but can be added in Danish.

SNOMED International Managed Service Tooling.

First Estonian extension published in November 2019

Biannual releases in May and November

Translation into Estonian within the areas where SNOMED CT concepts are used for documenting patient care

21 refsets mainly in following domains:

  • Pathology
  • Laboratory medicine (including microbiology)
  • Nursing

SNOMED CT essence and e-learning services introduced to vendors

SNOMED International Managed Service (since 2019)


Translation into Finnish CORE Problem List (professional and patient-friendly versions) 20192 national projects: harmonizing SNOMED 2 versions into SNOMED CT and Translating CORE Problem list into Finnish 2018-2020

SNOMED CT e-learning courses introduced to vendors and Univ. of Eastern Finland plans to make online foundation course in Finnish. Project may start in 2020.

Annual SNOMED CT seminar in 2019 and 2020 presenting SNOMED CT NRC work and SCT education (technical and content)

  • Member Licensing and Distribution Service
  • SNOMED International Online Browser

Common Drug Codes for India Extension (CDCI): Includes Clinical drugs and Branded medicines (Real Clinical Drug) covered under different National programs.

India COVID-19 Extension: The extension contains essential concepts for managing COVID-19

India Geographical Location Extension: Covers regions of India including states/UTs, districts, and sub-districts with the simple map reference set to the Local Government Directory (LGD) codes

More information on India Extensions

India Patient Instructions Language Extension: Include patient instruction terms in Hindi language and covers frequency of dose, route of administration, does units, and dose instructions that are generally given in the Prescriptions

India Geographical Location Extension: Includes Hindi Language Refset for geographic locations in India

More information on Translations

Simple Refsets covering common diseases under National Public Health Programs and Medical Specialty / Department-wise terminology usage.

Detailed list of Refsets

  • On-demand need-based training to hospitals, vendors, and implementers
  • Sensitization workshops on SNOMED CT for Hospitals
  • Workshop for Vendors and Implementers on EHR Standards and technical implementation
  • Webinars to understand basics of SNOMED CT and implementation use cases

General information about SNOMED CT

Educational resources

Education & Training infromation

Upcoming Webinars

  • C-DAC’s Toolkit for SNOMED CT (CSNOtk):

A toolkit for easy access and integration of SNOMED CT. It contains a Java API library for search, lookup, explore concepts with map APIs, a REST API layer exposed as web service, controls to integrate SNOMED CT as Interface Terminology in JAVA/.NET/PHP based applications, and an adapted version of International SNOMED CT Browser for offline deployment.

Netherlands Edition (Dutch)

NL Edition in Snomed International Browser

NL Edition in Nictiz browser

Released on March 31 and September 30 each year



Dutch language refset (approx.  250.000 translated )

Dutch language refset for patient friendly terms

Simple refsets (see for content NL Edition in Snomed International Browser) :

  • Dutch Implant registry simple reference set
  • ISNO simple reference set for rare neuromuscular disorders
  • Netherlands allergen (non-drug) simple reference set (intensional)
  • Netherlands Micro-organism simple reference set
  • Netherlands ordinal test result simple reference set
  • Netherlands Optometrist reason for visit simple reference set
  • Netherlands Optometrist procedures simple reference set
  • Netherlands Optometrist diagnosis simple reference set

Mapping refsets:

  • SNOMED CT to NANDA correlated map reference set
  • SNOMED CT to ICF correlated map reference set (extended)
  • SNOMED CT to OMAHA correlated map reference set (extended)

General information (in Dutch)

'How To' videos on Youtube

Termspace for authoring

Mapping tool developed by team

Ontoserver Terminology server

Dutch Request service (account needed)

Nictiz browser



NZ-local maps, subsets and other content

Quarterly releases

English language

Patient-friendly terms in English and in future te reo Māori for the most common health conditions and interventions

NZ maps and subsets index

NHS Digital maps for migrating from Read Codes to SNOMED

SNOMED International online education courses and documents

Refset management tool

Snowstorm terminology server

Terminz terminology server

Snochillies browser and terminology server

Moving to SNOMED Managed Service in 2019

Spain Extension.

Spain Drug Extension.

All the own contents in Spanish (es-ES).

In the medium term we will undertake the translation of our own contents into English.

Currently we publish 70 refsets (simple, extended, mappings) covering the main clinical and structural contents (variables, documents) of use in the National Health System.

Various training formats offered, with content and periodicity of editions on demand:

  • SNOMED-CT Foundations.
  • SNOMED-CT seminar for implementers. Intermediate level.
  • Study of use cases of SNOMED-CT seminar. Intermediate level.
  • Use of SNOMED-CT seminar combined with clinical information models. Advanced level.
  • Tutorials: activities based on web conferences, aimed at the needs of participants in the online courses. Its objective is to solve the difficulties that may arise when transferring the content of the courses to practical experience. They are organised on demand.
  • Workshops: for those who have participated in any of the above modalities and need to master more specialised aspects, workshops are held (in person or by web conference). They have predominantly practical content. They are organised on demand.

Some contents and utilities offered:

  • MySQL implementation of global SNOMED-CT contents.
  • Refsets web viewers / subsets (list problems, rare diseases, VTM-ATC, allergies...).
  • Search terms in Spanish.
  • MapServer PCS.
  • Mock-ups (models) of clinical information models with link (binding) to SNOMED-CT subsets.

Swedish edition

Release dates May 31 and Nov 30.

SNOMED CT is continuously translated into Swedish.

333 228 concepts are translated into Swedish (at least one active Swedish language description).

23 161 concepts have not been translated for various reasons, including latin terms and concepts not relevant to Swedish healthcare.

334 490 total descriptions, including acceptable synonyms.

There are no Swedish FSNs.

Reference sets have been developed to support the following domains:

  • Reason for prescription
  • Alert information
  • Reason for encounter
  • Laboratory medicine
  • National guidelines for lifestyle and behavior

Managed services

Various small, in-house developed tools for terminology work

File Distribution mechanism - TRUD

Bi-annual release of SNOMED CT UK Edition in April and October.

Data Dictionary for Care

Metadata associated with the SNOMED CT subsets, providing the user with a holistic view of each of the subsets.

Human readable subsets in spreadsheet view

These files are NOT in an official SNOMED CT release format. NHS Digital publishes subsets in Excel format solely for easy content preview.

NHS Digital SNOMED CT Education Resources

SNOMED CT Case Studies

General information about SNOMED CT and signposting

NHS Digital SNOMED CT Browser

NHS Digital SNOMED CT Request Portal

US Edition of SNOMED CT

  • Biannual releases in March and September
Distribute the Spanish Edition of SNOMED CT as provided by SNOMED International.

SNOMED International online education courses and documents

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