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How is concept | General mental state (finding) | different from | Mental state (finding)| ?

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  1. All -

    What are your thoughts about inactivating

    • | General mental state (observable entity) | as duplicate of | Mental state (observable entity) | 
    • | General mental state finding (finding) | as duplicate of | Mental state finding (finding) |

    There are 4 concepts that use | General mental state (observable entity) | in their definitions. (see screen-shot below)

    • 1 concept sub hierarchy | General mental state finding (finding) |
    • 3 child concepts of the above 

    Each of the child concepts could also be modified as follows:

    1. |Mental health problem (finding) |  seems that it would be a child of both | Mental state, behavior and/or psychosocial function finding (finding) | and | Problem (finding) | 
    2. | Cooperative mental state (finding) | seems ambiguous - could be replaced with cooperative attitude or cooperative behavior?? 
    3. | Inadequate personality (finding) | looks like an outdated concept (DSM-II) but for now could be moved to the | Personality AND/OR personality trait (finding) | hierarchy until we've had a chance to do a deeper dive on personality traits and disorders??



  2. Both of these terms originated in the first release of SNOMED CT, so have been in the terminology since 2002.  Neither of them have a mapping to ICD-10 and only one of them, 36456004 |Mental state finding (finding)| appears with any frequency on the UK high usage report.  We do not have a way of representing "generalized" concepts and the only reason the concept 365928004 |General mental state finding (finding)| is sufficiently defined is because an analogous observable entity was created.  It is unclear to me what the benefit of this grouper is and so I would not be opposed to inactivating the "general" concepts is the mental health group finds them non-useful.

  3. Thanks Jim Case.

    We will discuss this on our next call to get consensus from SMEs that its okay to inactivate.