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  1. Paul Amos

    Attachments for Phobia thread - was unable to post to discussion thread due to a permissions error. 

    Note - in both documents all phobias were updated to indicate that they are disorders – this may or may not be accurate. I leave it to the SMEs to modify these working documents with the goal of obtaining consensus and updating to reflect what we know based on the evidence base. 



  2. Hello everyone,

    On behalf of the Dutch National Release Centre of SNOMED, I am looking to get in touch with experts on DSM. For a national project in mental health care, we are aiming to make a map between a selection of DSM terms and SNOMED. So far, we have run into some issues. These regard terms in the DSM that are unspecified, but also what is allowed to add to SNOMED and what not taking into account licences. How are DSM terms exchanged in other countries, since they are not coded? Is there someone that could advise us on this and share experiences? 

    I am hoping to hear from you, thank you very much in advance ,

    Kind regards,

    Inge Soons

    Medical doctor and terminologist

    Nictiz, The Hague, The Netherlands

  3. Hi Piper Allyn Ranallo,

    Do you think that Michael or one of the other DSM experts might be able to assist Inge on his query regarding the mapping issues.

    SNOMED International has a strict policy regarding the incorporation of content in which the IP belongs to a third party. This requires the requestor to seek specific permission from the IP owner to their content being added to SNOMED CT.

    I have copied Jane Millarinto this comment as she may wish to add further comments on the IP issues.

    Best wishes


    CC Inge Soons

  4. Neither Michael nor I have the ability to give any permissions re: DSM and intellectual property.  If I can get some more details on what exactly is being requested, however, I can try to reach out to the individuals at APA.

  5. HI

    Paul has put the position of SNOMED International clearly and we have discussed this directly with APA - we are not going to incorporate DSM-5 in SNOMED CT as it stands because of IP issues and to date there has been no drivers from Members and clinicians to explore it further. 

    Inge is from a member country which wishes to do some work in relation to linking to DSM-5. I previously advised Inge to reach out to APA to discuss this directly with them so appreciate any help in identifying key person Inge should talk to at APA. I previously spoke with Rebecca Rhinehart and Dr Philip Wang back in 2016 - are either of them a good starting point?


  6. Neither of them are at APA any more which is the reason I was offering to try to figure out who the best person to talk to would be.

  7. Hi Jane MillarPaul Amos,

    I can't remember the name of the person I spoke with before regarding copyrighted material. I think Laura Fochtmannor Michael Firstare in the best position to connect you with someone. I believe Phil Want left a while ago.


  8. Getting up on my soap box now (again), I have to say:

    Given the number of professionals around the world that use the DSM, lack of unambiguous codes to represent DSM diagnostic concepts adds to the difficulty and cost of delivering safe and high quality mental health care.  It also makes a learning health system for mental health virtually impossible. 

    If the APA is unable to get  DSM concepts into mainstream healthcare terminologies (preferred), perhaps they could consider proprietary codes (less desirable) to make DSM concepts consumable by computerized systems. 

    Darrel Regier and Michael First are either of you in a position to influence the APA on this matter?


    1. I received a request from Inge on April 2nd and requested help from John McDuffie, Publisher of the American Psychiatric Association Publishing company. He just yesterday referred me to Puja Telikicherla who is the Licensing & Subsidiary Rights Manager for APA publishing. I will put her in touch with Inge.

    2. I agree with Piper that APA should make every effort to make DSM-5 concepts consumable by computerized systems.  I hope that Puja Telikicheria is able to help with this.


  9. Since Inge contacted us through Confluence, I will have to provide Puja's contact information here:

    Puja Telikicherla

    Licensing & Subsidiary Rights Manager

    American Psychiatric Association Publishing

    800 Maine Street, SW, Suite 900

    Washington, DC 20024
    Phone: 202-559-3566
    Fax: 202-403-3094


  10. HI Darrel

    Thank you so much for your help - we will ensure that Inge receives these details if she does not see them here.

    And we will keep for our own information


  11. Hello everyone,

    Jane notified me about your answers. Thank you very much for sharing, very helpful!

    Best wishes,