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Date 2016-10-24

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MAP SIG - (Recurring)
Monday, 24 October 2016, 09 am - 5pm Local time NZDT (UTC+13 hours = 23.10.2016 at 8 pm)

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States +1 (224) 501-3316

Access Code: 564-481-613

More phone numbers
Australia +61 2 8355 1034
Austria +43 7 2088 0716
Belgium +32 (0) 28 93 7002
Canada +1 (647) 497-9372
Denmark +45 69 91 84 58
Netherlands +31 (0) 208 080 759
New Zealand +64 9 974 9579
Spain +34 931 76 1534
Sweden +46 (0) 852 500 691
United Kingdom +44 (0) 20 3713 5011



Discussion items

1Welcome and Conflicts of Interest Introduction - notes recording underway.DMDM welcomed members to the meeting. GTM was available but no attendees on the line



2Tracking Quality Report (IHTSDO Content Mapping Service)KGKG indicated for future mapping reports and KPI's the Mapping Quality Tracker would be utilized 
3General Report (IHTSDO Content Mapping Service)DMDM gave an update of the current mapping status for the January 2017 release. This included the SNOMED to ICD-10, ICD-O morphology maps along with SNOMED CT - GMDN and ICPC-2 
4Update on tooling enhancementsBCBC demonstrated the updates to the Mapping Tool during the 2016 time period. 
5Mapping of ICD-10 to SNOMED CT -discussionGT

The group discussed the issues which surround moving from classification coding to using a terminology.

HG discussed the ISO document and will share the document with the group when it becomes available.

6.Guidance and Best Practice Principles for Mapping Local ContentDMDM discussed the document which is currently in draft format.slides posted
7Open discussion 

GT asked about availability of the Mapping Tool.

BC explained the current situation which indicates it can be made available, however there

are many factors to consider first.

Making the mapping tool available outside of the IHTSDO
8Future direction of Special Interest GroupsJMThis matter is still waiting a final decision.JM to inform the MapSIG with a final decision on the future of SIG's
9Harmonisation with WHO and other Collaboration ActivitiesJMJM presented current status of collaboration activities. 
10Mapping to Gene/Protein Ontologies for personalized medicineJRCJRC presentationSlides posted
11Discussion about versions of ICD-10 used in maps (particularly where modifications are in use)GT/KWF

General discussion.

GT asked if versions of SNOMED CT with maps can be made available to members.


RK indicated the MPH and other documentation can be difficult to locate in confluence.

Mapping team - follow up with Brian regarding creating a change file based upon the changes made from updating to ICD-10 2016

Attach to the Mapping SIG Confluence site - Mapping Personnel Handbook

Attach to the Mapping SIG Confluence site - SNOMED CT to ICD-10 Map:  ICD-10 2016 Update Process out to the group




Meeting Files

  File Modified
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation MappingSigAgenda(October).pptx 2016-Oct-17 by Phuong Skovgaard
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Mapping Genomic Data.pptx 2016-Oct-23 by James R. Campbell
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation GuidanceBestPracticeFinal.pptx 2016-Oct-27 by Donna Morgan


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