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To leave feedback, go to

There are two projects (for ICD-10 and ICD-9-CM) that contain snapshot views of the latest release of the mappings. This can be considered a ‘human readable’ view of the map.

On the “Map records” page, you can search in a variety of different ways (all identifier and “text” fields are indexed). To the right of each record is a “submit feedback” icon that can be clicked. Into the popup put your name, email and feedback.

When you submit, a ticket gets created in an IHTSDO FreshDesk project that is monitored (in a roving way) by the members of the mapping team. You can expect a response that day in most cases unless the feedback has a need to trigger further discussion (e.g. with the authoring team) in which case feedback may take as long as another day or two. You should receive email updates when the FreshDesk ticket is updated, so make sure to properly enter your email when using the form.

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