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Welcome to the SNOMED International Technical Group Space

This Space contains the operational IT information for the SNOMED International and is expected to be used by internal teams when necessary

What is tooling?

SNOMED International tools support our work, our collaborations, the authoring of SNOMED CT, the delivery of SNOMED CT, our communications, our IT and ensuring that we can do the daily job. Just like a fishing pole helps a fisherman catch fish and a plow helps a farmer cultivate a field, our tools help us do what we do.

What tools does IHTSDO offer?

Our tools covers a wide range from the SNOMED specific tools we have developed to those services we use to keep the organization working. All of these in detail here, IHTSDO Tools & Services.

What about some IT support?

In this SNOMED International Confluence space is a growing number of 'how to guides' as well other information including how to contact the technical group for help and more.

What about the Open Tooling Framework and/or something strategic?

The Open Tooling Framework is a set of standardized application programming interfaces (APIs), bound by a set of principles(e.g. easy to use, service oriented, agile, avoiding single points of failure, etc), that define fundamental software services to be consumed by business applications, which would be developed to satisfy Members’ terminology tooling use cases.

For more detail on to the Open Tooling Framework mini-site, and to get even more context, please read the Technology Strategy.

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