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Access Code: 453-073-037

GoToMeeting Information

The Implementation SIG meets the second and fourth Tuesday each month at 2000 UTC.





GoToMeeting Recordings

We will not be uploading any future GoToMeeting recordings onto Confluence. The recordings for December 2015 and 2016 will be located on Google Drive:

2016 Meeting Schedule

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Face-to-Face Meetings

For more information about face-to-face meetings as it becomes available, please see  


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  1. Can I join these meetings ? I would love to participate even as a silent observer.  Please let me know

  2. Ray:

    We would love to have you join these meetings. The meeting information is at the top of the page and re-posted here for your convenience:


    GoToMeeting Information

    The Implementation SIG meets the second and fourth Tuesday each month at 2000 UTC.

    To log into the teleconferences, please go to

    You can also dial in using your phone.
    United States : +1 (646) 749-3117

    Access Code: 897-135-061

    More phone numbers
    Australia : +61 2 8355 1039
    Belgium : +32 (0) 28 93 7001
    Canada : +1 (647) 497-9379
    Denmark (Toll-free): 8025 3112
    Denmark : +45 69 91 89 21
    Netherlands : +31 (0) 208 080 208
    New Zealand : +64 9 925 0481
    Spain : +34 911 82 9890
    Sweden : +46 (0) 853 527 817
    United Kingdom : +44 (0) 330 221 0099


  3. Thank you so much

  4. The Implementation SIG meets the second and fourth Tuesday each month at 2000 UTC.  However the dates of the meeting are showing on wednesday . Which one is correct. Please let me know so that i can update the calender accordingly

  5. Hello Ray:

    I am not sure what view you are looking at that displays Wednesday. The calendar on this screen shows Tuesday. The meeting time is 2000 UTC. 

  6. Hi there, what is the current schedule for the meetings? Is there a Google Calendar available? Thanks

  7. The special interest groups (SIGs) have been disbanded and replaced with clinical reference groups. There is no replacement as far as I know for the implementation SIG. The work on allergies that was going on in the implementation SIG is now being conducted under the allergy-hypersensitivity clinical reference group/