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Blog from July, 2023

We’re looking to build awareness and obtain community feedback on proposed changes to improve the clinical quality and consistency of the radiology hierarchy. Recently, our Chief Terminologist Dr James Case and Senior Terminologist Maria Braithwaite developed a briefing note outlining why the hierarchy needs to be revised and how stakeholders can provide feedback. Today, we posted on our website a blog they co-wrote, which provides additional details and explains in more depth the challenges with the current hierarchy and the work that needs to be done to avoid inconsistencies and confusion in the future. The blog explains how the work will proceed and roll out, and, importantly, how it will avoid any negative impacts to existing implementations.

It also provides details of our goals, the scope of the work and the timeline, as well as how people can get involved and help shape this work. In addition to requesting feedback, we want to build awareness, so please share it with anyone you think might be interested.

Read the blog here

Read the briefing note here

For more information, contact Jim Case at or Maria Braithwaite at