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LONDON, NOV 30, 2022  -- Roughly one year ago, SNOMED International declared its intention to extend the core of SNOMED CT’s structured clinical terminology to deliver an open, standalone terminology in support of the International Patient Summary (IPS) for non-SNOMED International Members.

The organization has now issued the first production release of SNOMED International’s IPS Terminology that adds the hierarchy, defining relationships and extra synonyms from the SNOMED CT International Edition to form a sub-ontology of SNOMED CT that can be loaded into a terminology server for the specified scope of the IPS.

Throughout 2022, SNOMED International has been configuring its approach to making the IPS Terminology a tangible artifact in its lineup of products and services. First released in its beta version in April 2022 for focused stakeholder testing and feedback, the IPS Terminology is accompanied by a User Guide to support implementers in non- Member regions to understand the features, capabilities and limitations of the IPS Terminology package. Providing an overview of the IPS Terminology's scope and features, the Guide also provides IPS Terminology use cases as well as direction on how to implement the IPS Terminology in a terminology server, and how to upgrade to a full SNOMED CT edition if additional terminology content is required.

Read the full announcement and submit all inquiries to

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