Blog from November, 2017

Proposal to Enhance SNOMED CT's Logic Capabilities

SNOMED International is proposing enhancements to SNOMED CT's logic features, both to enable improvements to the quality and analytics capabilities of SNOMED CT and to increase productivity in concept authoring.  
SNOMED International requests that users of SNOMED CT read the Executive Summary provided below, followed by the briefing paper also listed. 

Your feedback to the proposal would be greatly appreciated and will assist SNOMED International in making the provision of enhanced capabilities as seamless as possible for the majority of users.

SNOMED International will begin to respond to feedback received by 11 December 2017 on this page on our confluence site and continue until the end of this consultation exercise on 28th February 2018.   

Please pass this page on to any other parties you think would have an interest or be impacted by this proposal.

Consultation Links

Please contact for additional questions regarding this consultation. 

With over 260 delegates in attendance at this years SNOMED CT Expo, there was a groundswell of commitment, knowledge, and learning displayed from the SNOMED CT community. It was an accomplished assembly of those dedicated to progressing SNOMED CT in support of clinical information exchange. 

Please review the attached document "SNOMED CT Expo 2017: Reflections, Presentations & Videos" to take the opportunity to review the session presentations, and keynote and James Read Memorial Lecture presentations. 

Please contact for additional information.

Visit the SNOMED CT Expo 2018 website to stay up-to-date on details for the 2018 conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada.