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Linda Bird, Jon Zammit and Peter Hendler, SNOMED International


Vendors, clinicians, project managers and developers.


SNOMED CT enables effective data analytics and clinical decision support (CDS) using its concept-based design, hierarchical structure and formal concept definitions.

This tutorial explains a range of techniques that can be used to perform data analytics and CDS using SNOMED CT encoded data. A Health Data Analytics demonstrator will then be presented, which applies these techniques to some clinical scenarios.


After attending this tutorial, the participant should be able to:

  • Describe some approaches for preparing clinical data for analytics
  • Describe a range of techniques for performing data analytics using SNOMED CT
  • Explain the logical design of a CDS system, and how SNOMED CT can be used in each component
  • Discuss a range of implementation considerations when using SNOMED CT in a CDS solution
  • Describe some clinical scenarios in which SNOMED CT can support effective analytics


Tutorial Handout

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