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SNOMED International is pleased to present Dr. Gong Mengchun as the 2022 SNOMED CT Expo James Read Memorial Lecturer

The SNOMED International James Read Memorial Lecture is a discovery of the real world, impactful use of SNOMED CT. Honouring pioneer James Read, this Memorial Lecture shares specific experiences and outcomes implementing SNOMED CT.

In this year's James Read Memorial Lecture, Dr. Gong Mengchun represents the Institute of Health Management, Southern Medical University, China share the use of SNOMED CT in the effective surveillance and control of COVID-19 through the Honghu Hybrid System; a project initiated in response to the emerging need for an innovative surveillance system.

SNOMED CT has played an essential role in standardizing the clinical information, triggering decision support tools and enabling multi-national and large-scale real world studies. An outcomes based project, the use of SNOMED CT has been deemed integral to its success, which was awarded one of the best papers by IMIA in 2021 as well as the 2022 West Pacific Innovation Champion by the World Health Organization. 

In this lecture, Dr. Gong will explore the real-world evidence generation network empowered by SNOMED CT to improve the understanding of COVID-19 at the global scale.

About Dr. Gong Mengchun

Graduated from Peking Union Medical College with an M.D. degree, Dr. Gong Mengchun entered Peking Union Medical College Hospital and accomplished the internal residency training in 2014, after which time he worked in University of California, San Francisco as a visiting scholar.

Dr. Gong joined the area of applied medical informatics since 2015 and now works as the Distinguished Professor in the Institute of Health Management, Southern Medical University, China.

Read Dr. Gong's Full Biography

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