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  1. I wonder if we need a bit of a refresh...

    Not been a lot happening in this space since we released the GP refset and ICPC map.

    1. Good to hear from you Richard

      One thing we need to do is establish a separate Editorial Group to look after the refset and maps - with 2 purposes

      • we need to keep the refset aligned with each release which as you know sometimes involves changes
      • as the refset starts to get used, there will be requests for changes which the editorial group may be asked to comment on

      We will do this over the next month 

      It is exciting times now as more countries move primary care to using SNOMED CT so certainly this Reference Group provides an ideal platform to deal with any questions arising, emerging themes, sharing of experience etc. This will inevitably be beyond the use of the existing refset which only covers one area of information. Knowing that New Zealand is moving to SNOMED CT, you are in an ideal position to encourage use of this group as such a forum for discussion and sharing.

      Jane Millar