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Dear ELAG representatives,

Enrolments for the next SNOMED CT Authoring Level 1 Course, starting on Monday 2nd September 2019, will be closing soon (on Friday 23rd August)!

The SNOMED CT Authoring Level 1 Course teaches you the knowledge and skills needed to perform basic SNOMED CT authoring tasks. It also prepares you for the SNOMED CT Level 1 certification exam. Students will have the opportunity to learn and practice authoring tasks using a training version of SNOMED International's authoring platform.

Each NRC is entitled to one FREE enrolment in each of our courses each year - so please take advantage of this offer to education your local team. To claim your free NRC enrolment, please ask your Member Forum representative to email and request a 'Member free voucher'. Please include the name and email of the person who will be enrolling, and which course and start month they would like to enrol in. We will then send them the free voucher with instructions on how to use it.

Additional participants are also welcome to enrol in the SNOMED CT Authoring Level 1 Course, so please advertise within your local country or territory. The course fee is $US 500 for students from high-income Member countries, and $US 250 for students from middle-income Member countries. The fees for students from Non-Member countries is double this. To enrol visit the Authoring Level 1 Course Enrolment Page in the SNOMED CT Course Catalogue.

For more information, please email the E-Learning team at

Kind regards,
Linda Bird. 

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