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Version-relative URIs are useful to identify version-specific characteristics of, for example, a Component. Conceptually, they build on the idea of what one Resource (i.e., the Version) says about another (e.g., a Component).

Version-relative URIs for Components take the following form:{moduleid}/version/{time}/id/{sctid}

Version-relative URIs for Reference Set members take the following form:{moduleid}/version/{time}/id/{uuid}


74400008 |Appendicitis| in SNOMED CT International Edition, 1 January 2013

When the Component SCTID is that of a Reference Set, for example, this allows the identification of a specific version of that Reference Set. Here, 900000000000509007 |United States of America English language reference set| is the SCTID of the US English language Reference Set.

The November 30, 2012 version of the Australian Emergency department findings in presenting problem Reference Set is identified by: