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Current Version - Under Revision

When transforming Relationships to OWL, all rows that have a RelationshipType that are allowed to be grouped, even if a particular row is ungrouped (i.e. even if the row has a RelationshipGroup value meaning ungrouped ), must be nested under an existential restriction that represents the (potential) grouping. This existential restriction is labeled with the OWL object property called Role group (attribute) . It is just another attribute, in the sense that it has a SNOMED CT identifier and is named in the distributed Concept file ( 609096000 |Role group| ). In KRSS syntax, the stated definition of myConceptId1 with a stated definition that has a row with the triplet consisting of myConceptId1, myRelationshipType, myConceptId2 would translate into:

(defprimconcept myConceptId1

(and parentConceptId

(some RoleGroupId

(some myRelationshipType myConceptId2))))