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Current Version - Under Revision

The Stated Relationship File contains the stated form of SNOMED CT. The stated form of a Concept is the Description Logic definition that is directly edited by authors or editors. It consists of the stated 116680003 |is a| relationships plus the defining relationships that exist prior to running a classifier on the logic definitions. Therefore, the stated form of a Concept is represented by a collection of relationships: one or more 116680003 |Is a| relationships and zero or more defining relationships.

The Stated Relationship File is in the same table format as the Relationship File, but the value of the characteristicTypeId field is 900000000000010007 |Stated relationship (core metadata concept)|.

The stated form enables implementers to test a classifier for consistency, by comparing the results of classification with the distributed Relationship File , which is the inferred form.

Warning: Implementers should not use the Stated Relationships File unless they understand the implications of using this and provide software which makes Description Logic inferences from the stated form. The standard distribution form (the Relationship file) provides a inferred view which includes inferences derived from the stated form.