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Current Version - Under Revision

The definition of a


can be logically transformed between different views without loss of meaning based on the definitions of related


For example:

Consider the following set of defining



Based on the above five relationships it is possible to infer a new relationship:

The definition of |Hand pain| can thus be viewed in three semantically identical forms:

  1. As originally stated:


   2. With the additional inferred relationship:


3. With the inferred relationship but without the redundant stated relationship |is a|   |pain|

The relationship

  |is a| |pain| is redundant because this can be determined by traversing the |is a|


to |pain in upper limb| which in turn is defined as |is a|   |pain|  

The result of manipulations like this is that several distinct views of the logical abstract model can be described based on the manner in which they are derived.

Different views of


definitions vary in one or more of the following three dimensions:

  • Flattened or nested;
  • Stated or inferred;
  • Direction and extent of logical


These three dimensions are considered in the following subsections of this guide.